Humble Beginnings…

Hi 🙂
i’m a relatively cheerful guy and as such thought that writing about all the little thoughts i have could be a good use of my time. I guess i’m still growing, learning and fully finding out who i am. What inspires me, What angers me and everything in between. You may or may not read what i write, you may or may not enjoy it but i’m not entirely writing it for you, even though you are the judge (though what qualifies you for this position i do not know). I’m writing it because it’s fun, and helps me to vibe my words and thoughts together into something that constitutes a real human being.

Just basically thought this would be a nice way to wile away the time and hopefully, get better at writing for what i’m sure (really?) is going to be a very lucrative career in journalism.
I also like to smile, and am occasionally known for causing them



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