“Crossing the Rubicon” – a phrase used to describe a moment in a persons life where the decisions made will impact greatly on their following years and possibly those of there family, friends or even countrymen. It was coined by an act of Julius Ceaser who broke roman law by taking his legions across the Rubicon river thus committing an act of war.

Decisions of importance happen often in our lives, whether we realise the connotations of our actions, as Julius Ceaser did in 49BC or we don’t, such as taking the left road home by chance, instead of the right. Ceaser knew before crossing that red river that what he was about to do would make huge waves over the roman empire which stretched further than any dominion had before it. He knew he was causing massive change, and not necessarily for the better of every citizen of Rome or its provinces, however he proceeded, he did what he believed to be the correct thing, and the earth smashed, recoiled and changed around him. Comparing this feat of one of arguably the greatest dictator of Rome with taking a different path home may seem odd, but think on Christopher Columbus. A great pioneer of his time, he embarked on voyages which created the first lasting European contact with america. This was by accident! He was lost and didn’t actually realise it! He did not know what would happen when he first stepped on to that island, he had no way of foreseeing what would follow in his wake, yet look, how different could things have been if he hadn’t wound up on the wrong island, if he had in fact made it to the East Indies, his actual destination. We don’t know how this would have changed things.

So, just like Columbus, but on a decidedly smaller scale I have been pondering what our small decisions may or may not lead to. Who I will meet, who I won’t and how it may or may not affect my life and theirs. For I will never know any thread of my life other than the one I follow, be it by my own design or not. I imagine over speculating on such things could possibly lead to problems. Is my life my own? Am I in control? Or does some higher being or entity or even will of the world make my decisions for me, big and small? Did I even choose to write this? It could go on forever and as such i’ll stop lest I enter a cycle I cannot escape.

Life continues, the world revolves regardless of my actions thoughts or hidden anxieties. Like one grain of sand trapped in the beach, it has wants of it’s own, plans, maybe even dreams, but it is pushed and pulled by the will of the many.

It can be hard but life goes on. So smile.

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