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A comeback, a lack of sleep and Rocky.

Hello constant reader (if you indeed exist),

I can only apologise  for my absurdly long absence from the world of blogging. I wish I had a reason for it, I have spent the last half hour trying to come up with a story to entice and captivate you. A story featuring all the makings of a feature film, an awkward but loveable main character (me), car chases, romance, an arch nemesis, betrayal and of course, some (tasteful) nudity. However, I am at a loss for such a tale. So you will have to settle for the truth. I got distracted. Like a small child who may aimlessly follow a paper bag caught in the wind, or a dog chasing a car, for reasons even he doesn’t know. I have spent my time doing nothing overly special or exciting. I have studied and taken exams. I have relaxed with friends and played numerous video games (side note: When put on paper my life has an eerie pathetic quality about it…), I have been drunk, possibly too much so and I have struggled, as always, with the true bane of my existence. Sleeping.

I love to sleep. I also enjoy being awake, what I dislike is the part in between, where you want/need to sleep and can’t. For example, I have now been up for 17 hours, which isn’t a huge amount of time, but when you consider that the current time is 11 minutes to six (AM), it seems somehow wrong.

Regardless, I recently watched, for the 5 time, the Rocky saga. (perfect segue – I know) I’m sure at some point in your life, a speech or moment in a book, film or play has spoken to you on one level or another. For me this statement is no more evident than in The Rocky saga. Mock Rocky or Sylvester Stallone if you wish, but films 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 changed my life ( we’ll try not to mention the abomination that was Rocky 5 ). I have a few examples for you, obviously the first is every single training montage. Nothing in the world of entertainment get’s you more revved up to go running or  hit the gym/someones face. When you see Rocky, in his first film, getting up at some hour unknown to most people, downing 4 eggs in one glass and tying the laces on his converse, you know shit is going down. However the greatest moment from any of the films is a certain speech that Rocky gives his son in Rocky Balboa ( The sixth film ). Please, take a few minutes to watch the video of this speech.

I know how awestruck you feel right now, if you want more, give the following track a listen – Rocky in a song.

If you haven’t seen all the films I implore you to watch them (maybe it’s okay if you miss number 5).

As always and because i’m back – SMILE!

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