About Your Favourite Writer

Hi :)

As you probably figured out, I’m Tom and yes, I have a beard. I’m a 20 year old  university student in Yorkshire, I’m a relatively cheerful guy and as such thought that writing about all the little thoughts I have could be a good use of my time. I guess i’m still growing, learning and fully finding out who I am. What inspires me, What angers me and everything in between. You may or may not read what I write, you may or may not enjoy it but I’m not entirely writing it for you, even though you are the judge (though what qualifies you for this position I do not know). I’m writing it because it’s fun, and helps me to vibe my words and thoughts together into something that constitutes a real human being.

Please don’t expect Shakespeare, but then don’t condemn me to having the writing skills of a 4 year old without at least giving me a slight chance. Also it would be great if you could leave comments, most will be praise i’m sure (…awkward), but constructive criticism  or even just something that for some strange reason you want me to ramble about, all would be greatly appreciated!

Just basically thought this would be a nice way to wile away the time and hopefully, get better at writing for what I’m sure (really?) is going to be a very lucrative career in journalism.
I also like to smile, and am occasionally known for causing them.

Enjoy Dear reader, and Smile

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