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Batman Hipster

Now by no means do I think of myself as a hipster. I don’t complain about somebody liking a band after they make it big and I do not set trends with my hairstyle or clothing. Quite honestly I always found it confusing that people would be annoyed that their favourite small time band manages to make it big, become “Mainstream” and gain new fans. Surely people know that being as big as possible is a common goal set by artists.

That’s why I am confused by feelings and thoughts I have been having for a few years now. Allow me to explain.

As many young boys do, I loved superheroes as a kid. Whether it be Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, The Caped Crusader of Gotham – Batman, or The Man of Steel himself, Superman. I couldn’t get enough. As a kid, this knowledge was common. However, as I grew, debates with friends over who would win in a certain fight, became more intense. Reasoning evolved, they turned technical. Small discrepancies were examined and every claim refuted. This, helped along by having an older brother just as obsessed with them as I was/am and I have arrived here.  A 20 year old who still thinks to himself “If I could be any Superhero, then who…?”. Don’t get me wrong, i’m glad, and i’m sure i’m not the only one. I know i’m not.

Back to the point, for the past three quarters of my life, I’ve loved superheros. It’s fair to say I know a lot about them. I have come to terms and love the fact that i’m a geek. So when I see somebody I know for a fact doesn’t care about it say something like “I’m so excited for the Batman film, i’m such a geek!”, it makes me kind of mad. I’m all for people beginning to like it, but don’t act like you really care. Don’t act like you have been a fan through the comics, cartoons, books and terrible films. Be honest, now that everyone wants to get in on it, you’re trying to act like you are an old-hand on the super scene. However, the truth is, you jumped on the batman bandwagon and are now trying to act like an all time geek, because it’s popular to be one now. The downside to the plan is, one day when you bring up a superhero in conversation, you may get asked a seemingly simple question. This is when your meager knowledge will fail you, and you shall be outcast from such meetings forever more! Or so i hope.

This is why i have decided to make many small posts, each on a different superhero. I can’t get rid of these fake fans, but i can at least make sure they know enough to pass as a real one.

(Back to an earlier point, if I could be any super, I would choose The Flash or The Hulk. Being the best at one thing is the way forward, the only choice is, fastest or strongest.)


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Dear Brazil…

This post begins as more of a thank you than anything, to the great people of Brazil. For reasons I do not know, the majority of my readers are in Brazil. However, thank you for taking your time to read my pompous drivel, for all I know you accidentally get on my blog and leave as soon as you arrive, but i’m going to choose to believe that’s not the case! ( I know the question you are all asking and second place is tied between the United Kingdom and America, so thank you also to my county men and the Americans who frequent this site).

On with the show!

I recently started watching the program “Heroes” and am thoroughly addicted. It’s a brilliantly thought out show and I have to give it a first class recommendation to everyone, not just the superhero geeks like myself – Watch It! The story is intricate and intelligent, the filming and editing is done to a very high level and you will most likely want to burn through the first season in 3 days like I did.

Most of the abilities are very old school and cliche, super speed, mind reading and flight to name a few, but this is to be expected in a show featuring super human characters.

It made me ask myself, as I imagine all young children do at some point ( or was that just me? ) which power i would want the most which led to a heated discussion between my housemates. The obvious “I’d be Superman” was thrown out pretty early on, and despite the fact that being able to do anything as long as you avoid one luminous green rock is appealing, I always found Superman rather dull. He can do ANYTHING, this doesn’t make for a very exciting premise. I think i’d rather be the best at one thing, like The Hulk – “HULK STRONGEST THERE IS” or The flash, a man no-one can catch. It’s all very well and good being a jack-of-all-trades like Clark Kent, but Flash can outrun him, Hulk can break him and a green pebble can kill him.

Another point made was that money is the greatest superpower of all. Fair point. Look at Batman and Iron Man. ( you have just realised, how huge a geek i really am when it comes to this stuff – I blame my older brother, he got me hooked. ) This is a fair point, iron man can make his suit do anything and has one for every occasion, whereas as batman has a belt with so many compartments it’s a wonder his bat-trousers stay up.

However, this is all getting away from what i really want to talk about:

– Muamba.  For those of you living completely sheltered from all forms of media, Footballer Fabrice Muamba suffered from cardiac arrest during the quarter finals game between his side, Bolton and Tottenham 10 days ago. Whilst the world of football put aside petty rivalry’s and joined together in support of the midfielder, and the world in general wished him a swift recovery, one 21 year old student at Swansea University took it upon himself to tell his side.  Spurting out racist and plain evil comments on twitter, this scum of the earth thought his virtual hate crime would be left alone. However, after numerous complaints, to many different police stations throughout the country he was arrested and has since been sentenced to 56 days in prison. Good. Some people think it’s a “tad harsh” but isn’t publishing hate filled, derogatory terms about someone, based on the colour of their skin during a time where they are fighting hard for there life just a “tad harsh”. Yes, that was most definitely the understatement of the century.  I think Gary Lineker summed it up well in his tweet “Let it be a warning to all you immature souls. #thinkbeforeyoutweet”, although personally I would have replaced “immature souls” with something a bit darker and featuring many more adjectives ( none of them good ).

Let’s all wish Fabrice a swift recovery, and finish on something lighter. As the match was abandoned for obvious reasons, the two teams met again recently, ending in a 3:1 victory for Tottenham. Before the match they held a one minute applause for the fallen comrade, letting him know he was in everyone’s thoughts and we are all behind him. It’s little moments like that, which bring me the slightest amount of faith in our world and it’s inhabitants.

Thank you and smile!

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